It all began 45 years ago...

For over 47 years Phil & Sons has been in the business of making authentic Italian Pizza and specialty dishes.  With two locations in New York, Phil & Sons famous tomato sauce is well-known and our specialty slices are always a crowd pleaser!  Because of Phil & Sons belief that only quality ingredients make a quality product, Phil & Sons has always incorporated fresh, all- natural mozzarella, the finest quality meats, and no preservatives, chemicals, or additive in our ingredients.

As time passed, the demand for Phil & Sons pizza and its famous sauce continued to grow and that's when Phil & Sons decided to meet customers' demands by directly shipping their products to their customer's homes or offices.  Continuing the tradition of providing a quality product, Phil & Sons freeze and vacuum seal their frozen pizza removing the need for any preservatives or chemical enhancement.  So remember no matter where you are located in the United States, you're only a phone call or click away from enjoying Fresh Frozen New York Pizza prepared with Phil & Sons' famous tomato sauce and all natural ingredients.